Scottie Pippen Goodman Theatre Debut Was Wish From 7-Year-Old Cancer Patient

Bulls great Scottie Pippen was always known for his versatility, but it turns out that applies to more than just Pip's on-court skills.

The former #33 made his stage debut during the Friday performance of "A Christmas Carol" at Chicago's Goodman Theatre, reports the Associated Press. The NBA legend appeared with a special co-star, 7-year-old La’Ren Kimble, who enjoyed her main stage moment as a beneficiary of Make-A-Wish Illinois in the one-night-only event.

According to a release from the Goodman, Kimble was diagnosed in 2007 with a Wilms' tumor, a cancer of the kidneys that typically affects children. The Goodman said the Rockford, Ill. native "loves being in the limelight and dreams about acting — whether on stage or film someday."

Kimble told ABC Chicago she "loves acting" and is a fan of Pippen's. The 7-year-old reportedly had slight pre-show jitters saying she felt "scared, amazing, I don't know."

The Hall of Famer, now special adviser to the team's President and COO Michael Reinsdorf, said in a statement, “I’m excited to step on a different stage of sorts, and look forward to being part of what has been a Chicago holiday tradition for so many years. I hear La’Ren is an aspiring actress, and I’ll do my best to make her and the cast of 'A Christmas Carol' proud.”

The pint-sized actress and towering 6'8" basketball great both appeared in walk-on roles wearing costumes tailored specially for them.

The Make-A-Wish-Illinois and Goodman partnership has previously paired children fighting life-threatening illnesses with Chicago sports stars and media personalities.



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