Why Adding Milk To Your Scrambled Eggs Is A Mistake

All it takes is one, simple tweak and your eggs will be so much better.
Steaming hot scrambled egg on white toast.
Steaming hot scrambled egg on white toast.

Scrambled eggs may be one of the more simple items on the breakfast menu to make at home, but as easy as they are to cook, they're equally easy to screw up.

One common mistake people make when cooking scrambled eggs is adding milk or cream. You may have been whisking your eggs with milk since you were a little kid, but we're telling you now: It's time to stop.

It may seem counterintuitive, but the addition of milk, cream or any other liquid for that matter, will actually make it more likely that your eggs will turn out dry. By thinning out the eggs, it's easier to overcook them. Most importantly, the milk dilutes the taste of the eggs. It also screws with the texture, leaving the eggs slightly rubbery -- and no one wants rubbery eggs. If you're using good, farm fresh eggs, you don't need anything except maybe a little salt and pepper to make them taste delicious. A little butter never hurt anyone, either.

The difference in appearance is negligible, but that slightly lighter color of the eggs with milk is your signal for less flavor.

From cooking on high heat to using the wrong size pan, there are a slew of mistakes people tend to make when cooking the simplest of breakfasts. Among the scrambled egg-lovers we know, adding milk is one of the most common mistakes. It's also one of those techniques to which people are seriously attached -- and oftentimes they don't know why they do it. The only good reason to add milk is to stretch out the eggs if you're running low or want to be economical. If you're going for pure taste, however, ditch the milk, cream or any other type of liquid. You'll end up with richer, creamier eggs.

Old habits are hard to break, so if you're questioning our advice, agree to omit the milk in one scramble. After you taste the improvement, we promise you'll never go back.

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