Scrapped Show Titles Worse Than Good Christian B**ches

Good Christian Bitches is the title of a book. Which became the working title of a TV pilot for ABC. Which caused quite the furor. So the working title became Good Christian Belles. And then just GCB. And that's what America will be watching when it premieres on Sunday, March 4 at 10 p.m. EST ... or so my accountant hopes.

I happen to be in it; watched the whole title hoopla unfold. Fascinating. I began to wonder: Have there been other shows whose titles have undergone such gerrymandering? Would we have watched Seinfeldif it were called Jerry! Or Friends if it were called I've Never Seen An Apartment Like That In New York City And Seriously How Could They Afford That?

So I did a little research. Here's a list of a handful of other show titles that were deemed unworthy. I don't know. I would have watched them.

1) I'm Really, Really Drunk
Apparently this was the working title for six or seven different game shows in the mid 1970s. My guess is it just lacked the "excitement" that words with a fighting connotation like "feud." or numerical value like "10,000" provided. That said, I personally find drunk people extremely exciting.

2) I'm 22 and I Wont Stop Talking
Attention grabbing, I know, but sometimes the people on this reality show were 20 or 21 or even as old as 23, so it just didn't make sense. Funnily enough, they too considered the title "I'm Really, Really Drunk."

3) Eat Your Pet
This was a show that never made it to air in which people competed with each other to see who could eat their pets the fastest. I have no idea why this didn't last.

4) Pustules, Rashes and Boils! (And its spin-off Celebrity Pustules, Rashes and Boils!)
Yes, these were exactly the kind of thrilling, real-life medical emergencies you might see on this show, but obviously the network was afraid that this kind of clinical terminology was just too complex for people. Especially celebrities.

5) Pimp My Kids
Clearly they scrapped this title for a reality show about the fascinating world of children's pageants, because it too closely resembled the title of another show.