Scre4m Interview With Emma Roberts

It's been fifteen years since Scream.

Back then, the internet was called America Online. Nightmare on Elm Street and Friday the 13th were not remakes.

It was a much simpler time to be a post modern murderer.

So is Ghostface -- and this series -- still relevant for today's generation?

Who better to ask than Emma Roberts. She's part of the fresh faced cast Wes Craven brought in to keep Ghostface busy once again.

How does it feel being part of the Scream franchise?

Emma Roberts: It's amazing, it's one of those things that if you had told me a year ago or two years ago that I'd be a part of it, I wouldn't believe you, because it's such an unbelievable thing. And I think it's such a perfect time for a reboot for the franchise, and I think the young cast they got together is really interesting and unique, but also makes sense.

I know you've been in a lot of children's films, so this is like a rite of passage for you into more adult oriented filmmaking. What did Wes Craven see in you that he wanted to bring to this film?

ER: I think I just really wanted it, and I was game for anything. I think that's what he liked about me. I kind of went into the meeting and the audition like, 'whatever you want me to do, I'll do, because why not?' And I think that any director likes an actor that's kind of game for anything.

Were you a fan of the original Scream franchise before you were brought in?

ER: Definitely. I think it's one of those franchises that will never go away. I can imagine my kids going back and watching all of these. They're very timeless, yet very relevant if that makes sense. Scream 1 totally worked in the 90's, it was so relevant because of who they cast, but it still holds up today.

With the new generation coming into this, what needed to change in the franchise to make it relevant?

ER: I think definitely bringing in a younger cast was a smart idea. Especially such great people like Hayden Panettierre and Rory Culkin. And all the young people are really great choices for the roles, like people that I would have imagined in the part while I was reading the script. That's gonna help bring in a younger audience.

Also technology has changed so much since the original Scream. There's so much more ways to talk to people and stalk people. I think that's definitely incorporated in this new Scream.

They've been talking about doing a trilogy. Are you going to be in part 5?

ER: Who knows. You'll have to see if I make it. [laughs]

Scre4m opens in theaters this Friday.