'Scream Queens' Parodies Taylor Swift In New Halloween Episode

Merry Swiftmas ... er ... Chanel-O-Ween!

Last holiday season, one Taylor Swift brought fans to tears with her surprise "Swiftmas" gifts. Now, it's one Emma Roberts' turn.

In a new episode, "Scream Queens" is giving fans the ultimate Halloween treat by parodying Swift's gift giving video. Entertainment Weekly premiered a sneak peek at the episode's opening sequence, which shows Chanel (Roberts) celebrating the season by sending her Instagram followers gory Halloween gifts (including some bad blood). This way they can "bask in the warm glow" of what it feels like to love her. 

Merry Swiftmas Chanel-O-Ween!

"Scream Queens" airs Tuesdays at 9:00 p.m. ET on Fox.


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