Screen Time: Grab The Tissues Because "This Is Us" Is Back

There's no tissue box big enough for the deluge of tears Season Two will bring.

About Episode - “Grab The Tissues Because ‘This Is Us’ Is Back”

Come September 26This Is Us will make its triumphant return to the small screen. If you’re anything like Screen Time host Jacob Ware, you’ve spent the summer clamoring for details about what’s in store for the Pearsons this year. Watch above for his colorful predictions on the show’s sophomore season. 

About The Series - “Screen Time”

In this golden age of television there is a daunting amount of quality TV content to watch. How can even the most ardent binge watcher keep up? That’s why we teamed up with Comcast Xfinity to bring you “Screen Time,” an original series that offers overwhelmed TV viewers a necessary assist in deciding what to watch this Fall TV season.