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Screen Time: Last Show Standing – Series Finales

Bidding a fond farewell to these fan faves.

About Episode - “Last Show Standing”

Each year, TV execs scrutinize ratings and make tough choices about which shows to renew...and which get the axe. Other times, the decision comes from the showrunner and cast, who feel it’s time to move on. Either way, we - the fans - are rarely ready to let go. Host Jacob Ware dries our farewell tears, counting down three beloved series that are packing their bags for a final season.  

About The Series - “Screen Time”

In this golden age of television there is a daunting amount of quality TV content to watch. How can even the most ardent binge watcher keep up? That’s why we teamed up with Comcast Xfinity to bring you “Screen Time,” an original series that offers overwhelmed TV viewers a necessary assist in deciding what to watch this Fall TV season.