Screen Time: Revival Rewind - What's Old is New Again on TV

The most anticipated TV reboots this season.

About Episode - “Revival Rewind”

Nostalgia is the hot trend in TV-land, with comebacks many of us weren’t sure we missed. The most talked-about TV revivals all had a huge impact on culture...but will the characters and plot lines translate to our current era, or feel dated and stale? Host and TV enthusiast Jacob Ware navigates the minefield of remakes and revivals to highlight three currently in the pipeline for your small screen enjoyment.

About The Series - “Screen Time”

In this golden age of television there is a daunting amount of quality TV content to watch. How can even the most ardent binge watcher keep up? That’s why we teamed up with Comcast Xfinity to bring you “Screen Time,” an original series that offers overwhelmed TV viewers a necessary assist in deciding what to watch this Fall TV season. 


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