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Screen Time: Top 5 TV Cliffhangers from Spring

Sometimes it's worth it to play the waiting game.

About Episode - “Top 5 TV Cliffhangers from Spring”

When shows decide to throw in a crazy curveball right before an end of season hiatus, it can take all of our strength not to throw the remote control through the TV. Yet - love them or hate them - these are those moments that keep us coming back for more. In this episode, we highlight the best TV cliffhangers of 2017 (so far).

About Series - “Screen Time” 

In this golden age of television there is a daunting amount of quality TV to watch. How can even the most ardent binge watcher keep up? That’s why we teamed up with Xfinity to bring you “Screen Time,” an original series that offers overwhelmed TV viewers a much needed assist in deciding what to watch this Fall TV season.