I can't stop looking at my phone
I'm not even doing anything
just staring at a dark screen,
waiting for it to light up
something to happen

I seem to remember there being more to life
than this
in some far off distant
past. I remember
a heavy box the family would gather round,
to watch other people living on
and a device that we would fight over
the remote Control
to control each other remotely
until we came to a happy agreement about who to watch that night
or until there was blood.

now we have devices, all
full control and none at all.

I brought trees to life
or was brought to life by trees
but even then
when my voice hurt from screaming,
there were screens.
and cries for screens

and torn away to bed

my phone
is like the magic mirror
through which I see the world
snow whites multiply like viruses
until I want to break it
and instead delete the app
and to be safe download an app that prevents you from downloading that app

there is no app to protect me from my phone

I try to find
meaning in stillness
and remember the silence of
from a time before fairy tales
lost in haunted woods
they fought and fled and died
so I could hold this screen

waiting for something to happen

Anything at all