Screenwriting Infographic: What Scripts Win Oscars and Where Do Others Fail?


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Knowledge is power. Information is key in acquiring knowledge. In the case of the below infographic, the screenwriting information offered isn’t an attempt to offer screenwriters any direct answers or keys to success. Instead, the information can be used as a tool to gauge odds of success, at least in the eyes of history. But even in those cases where numbers don’t lie, we have chance, anomalies, and surprises. Hollywood and the film and television industry as a whole are unpredictable.

It was the great William Goldman who famously said, “Nobody knows anything.” It’s so true.

However, all too often, the numbers and statistics can help steer screenwriting careers, as far as expectations and the efforts put forth in whatever situation. Critically heralded films that go on to win big awards often aren’t high concept action, horror, and comedies. Box office successes often aren’t small, critically heralded dramas.

Learn the history behind what genres are most successful in the eyes of the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences. And learn where screenplays fall short.

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