Screw the Poor: Everything Paul Ryan Has Dreamed Of

Screw the Poor: Everything Paul Ryan Has Dreamed Of
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<p>Paul Ryan Reading the Sermon on the Mount in a Mirror</p>

Paul Ryan Reading the Sermon on the Mount in a Mirror

Robert S. McElvaine

Has anyone ever seen Paul Ryan as excited as he was today when he announced that the Greedy Old Party’s bill to greatly increase the wealth and income chasm between the hyperrich and the rest of Americans had been passed in the House by a vote of 227-203?

Okay, he was pretty excited when the House voted to take health care away millions of Americans last spring. (You remember: when House Republicans joined Trump in the Rose Garden to high-five and toast that they had reached the 50-yard line in their determined drive to leave millions without insurance.) Sure, but that was nothing in comparison with Ryan today. He was ecstatic, gleeful, elated—euphoric. No, it was beyond that: he was orgasmic.

The bill shovels money to the top 1 percent, to whom it writes over a trillion dollars of hot checks, while tossing a few crumbs to the middle-class and destroying healthcare for the lower middle class. It pours Miracle-Grow on the hyper-rich and Weed-B-Gon on the vast majority of Americans.

So, why is Speaker Ryan so jubilant?

The answer is clear: Since he was a teenager, his goal in life—his dream—has been to do away with all assistance to those in need and lavish benefits on the richest people and corporations. He was so jubilant today because he now sees his ultimate goal—destroying Medicaid, Medicare, and Social Security—being within reach.

Ryan fancies himself as being a good Catholic, but he must have read the Sermon on the Mount in a mirror.

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