This Pen Can Draw Every Single Color In The World

This itty bitty, little pen can draw 16 MILLION colors.

[Update, September, 2014: Scribble Pen's Tilt campaign did not meet Tilt's standards and was deactivated after this story was published.]

Have you ever felt limited by the colors contained inside a box of Crayola?

Imagine, instead of being forced to resort to "Forest Green" for the grass in your next masterpiece, you could take Photoshop's "eyedropper" tool to extract the color from a single, blade of grass and turn that color into ink.

Scribble is a new device that lets you do just that. The pen matches hues from the world around you and transfers them onto paper or a mobile device. For the latter, the tool works in conjunction with a stylus and a mobile app to sync the colors that attract you onto your phone or tablet. Pretty cool.

scribble pen

The pen is armed with a 16-bit RGB color sensor that stores the colors you tell it to. Hold the device up to your friend's gorgeous blonde hair, a vibrant flower or the pizza crust on your plate and Scribble will analyze the color and reproduce it with ink from its refillable cartridges.

Say, for example, you were enticed by the bright, pungent orange sitting on your countertop. You'd start by simply holding your Scribble pen up to the fruit.


Then, after the pen analyzed the specific orange of this particular orange, you could take the tint to paper.

orange 2

Both the ink pen and and the stylus are a little more than six inches, rely on bluetooth wireless technology and have a rechargeable battery.

Until now, the closest you've even gotten to this magical resource of color concoction was probably through something similar to Bic's assorted ball point.
bic pen melange

Scribble, of course, offers more options than Bic's royal blue for when you want to draw the sky. The only limitation here, it seems, is your imagination.

The pen retails for just under $150 and the stylus -- for digital use -- under $80. Neither are currently available for purchase, but if you're eager to start doodling the world, you can sign up for an alert for its availability here.

scribble pen

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