Scumbag Steve, Real Name Blake Boston, Gets Mini-Documentary (VIDEO)

Some men were born to be Internet memes. Blake Boston was one of those men.

Boston became an accidental Internet meme in 2011, when a photo from his MySpace profile became the basis of "Scumbag Steve," an Internet meme which, in layman's terms, used Boston's photo as the basis to describe behaviors that the ultimate douchebag would perform.

But while most would be pleased to have become such an online sensation, Boston may have wished that his fame came otherwise. While at first he seemed reluctant to cash in on being Scumbag Steve, Boston now appears willing to embrace his inner scumbag, even attempting to launch a rap career as the Steve persona.

The Boston Globe made the above documentary about Boston (confusing, we know). It may in fact be the first Behind the Music-style documentary about an Internet meme subject, revealing the true pain beneath Boston's sideways cap.

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