Conservative Pundit Points Out Everything Wrong With Sean Hannity's Attack On Liz Cheney

S.E. Cupp flipped the Fox News personality's dismissal of the Donald Trump-opposing Wyoming Republican back on him.

Conservative CNN commentator S.E. Cupp on Wednesday dismantled Sean Hannity’s “lazy attack” on Rep. Liz Cheney (R-Wyo.), slamming the Fox News personality for dismissing Cheney as just being “up on her high horse” for opposing Donald Trump and investigating the U.S. Capitol riot.

Cheney, “for her courage,” has been repeatedly attacked by Trump and members of her own party, ousted from her House leadership post and disavowed by her state’s GOP, noted Cupp, host of the show “Unfiltered.”

“With the lemmings in the GOP eagerly following the president who lost the House, Senate and White House in four years, Cheney has decided it isn’t worth comprising longstanding conservative principles, the integrity of democratic institutions, basic morality and human decency, the future of the republic just to suck up to Trump some more and follow him into the abyss,” Cupp commented.

“You could say Cheney is putting country before party. You could say she’s honoring the oath she swore to uphold the Constitution and the rule of law. You could say she is defending democracy,” Cupp continued. “But if you’re Hannity ... she’s none of those things. No, you’d say she’s just up on her high horse.”

Hannity’s line of attack sought “to diminish the credibility of a woman who has continually stuck by her principles even as they’ve made her few friends, the left or the right,” said Cupp.

“But my question is, what’s so bad about being up on a high horse while, let’s face it, much of the party is down in the dirt, rolling around like pigs in Trump’s slop?” Cupp asked. “This is the high horse to be on, the one defending democracy, not the one trying to break it.”

Cupp then flipped Hannity’s attack back on him.

“If the point Hannity is trying to make is that Cheney thinks she’s better than the rest of them then, duh, of course she is. She’s one of the few doing what’s right for the country, even if it means sacrificing her position, her paycheck and her party loyalty.”

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