Sea Creature Found In Baltic Sea Or Intestines? You Decide (VIDEO)

Is this a strange, newly discovered sea creature from the Baltic Sea, or just animal intestines?

It depends who you ask.

The video above claims to show a "strange alien life form" found on April 19th by German dock employees.

This week, Deep Sea News tried to quell any suggestion that the substance shown in the video is anything but normal, boring animal intestines.

... the webbing in between is actually the mesentery, a double layer of membrane that contains blood vessels, lymph vessels, and nerves and connects the two parts of the small intestine.

But, as the Mirror points out, that doesn't seem to explain the supposed creature's pulsing movements.

YouTube commenters have no shortage of their own theories on what's shown in the video. Guesses include, a bootlace worm, bratwurst and the "Lock Ness Condom," among other suggestions.

What do you think? Post your theories on what this thing is in the comments.

Fark headline: Strange, membranous 'sea creature' washes ashore amid speculation what it really is. Any suggestions? (w/ pics)

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