Sea Lion Escapes Enclosure At German Zoo To Swim With Swans

We all need some room to breathe sometimes. It seems Lola the sea lion is no different.

The 2-year-old sea lion escaped her enclosure at a German zoo earlier this month to swim with the swans and has successfully given zoo workers the slip for the past three weeks, according to local reports.

Claiming the swan pond as her new home, the adventurous marine mammal has become quite the attraction at the Karlsruhe Zoo, located in the southwestern city of the same name.

While Lola has others of her kind to keep her company in the sea lion enclosure, deputy director Clemens Becker believes she may have planned her escape out of curiosity, according to Germany's The Local. Or she may have just wanted some time away from her parents, Becker suggested.

After Lola avoided several capture attempts, zoo workers conceded and began leaving raw fish -- with added salt to compensate for her new fresh water environment -- out for the sea lion near the pond. Though they haven't given up and continue to try and return Lola to the more suitable sea lion habitat, its more likely that Lola will return on her own when she's ready.

Sea lions are known for their slippery escapes. Earlier this year, a sea lion was caught making a run for it at SeaWorld Orlando in Florida with raincoat-wearing employee in hot pursuit.



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