Sea Lion 'Pancho' Steals Trophy Fish From Unsuspecting Fisherman (VIDEO)

WATCH: Sea Lion Gets The Better Of Unsuspecting Fisherman

This sea lion is named Pancho, and for good reason.

Presumably in homage to the 19th-century Mexican revolutionary leader Pancho Villa, this sea lion, who spends his days in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, apparently makes a habit of redistributing the wealth brought in by fishermen. Instead of giving it to the poor, though, as Pancho Villa might have done, Pancho redistributes it directly to his stomach.

In the above video, uploaded in early October, Pancho can be seen making quick work of the catch by a professional fisherman on the show "Chef on the Water." While the two men proudly display their fresh-caught Mahi Mahi for the camera, Pancho pops his head out from behind the boat, swiftly snags a massive fish out of one man's hands, and then disappears under the water.

A pelican just behind the boat watches the whole scene unfold, seemingly with mild amusement.

Karen Barnert, a blogger in Cabo, jokingly says of Pancho, "He ... got kicked out of Sea World, but learned all the right lessons."

WATCH the video, above.

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