This Chef's Video Of A Sea Urchin Will Haunt You In Your Sleep

Nature is weird.

Leave it to chef Rene Redzepi of the famed Nordic restaurant Noma to share a food video on his Instagram feed that will absolutely terrify you.

He posted a video last week of a freshly caught sea urchin moving. One look at this thing moving and it instantly becomes clear that this sought-after, under-the-sea umami flavor bomb has been the inspiration for many horror film monsters.

It’s all in the mouth. Look:

Creepy, we know. Here’s the thing: that scary-looking mouth is fairly harmless. It’s not going to bite you. The structure is made up of five hard plates that come together like a beak. And they use their beak-like mouths to scrape algae off of rocks.

That mouth doesn’t stop anyone from catching sea urchins and cracking them open to get to the uni ― ahem, the gonads ― that’s so beloved in Japanese cuisine (and has mixed reviews in the states). We just thought you should know that it’s there.

Bon appetit!

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