Seal Balances On Great White Shark's Nose To Avoid Being Eaten (PHOTO)

LOOK: Seal's Desperate Balancing Act

Talk about life in the balance.

In a photo that Caters News called "jaw-some," a seal perches on the snout of a ready-to-bite Great White, saving itself from becoming lunch.

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great white seal

Photographer David Baz Jenkins of Dublin, Ireland, was on a tour boat off Cape Town, South Africa, as seals swam toward Seal Island after feeding, Caters explained in its description for The Huffington Post. Lurking underneath was this ferocious beast, who attacked with mouth wide open. The momentum blasted both the hunter and the hunted through the water's surface.

This "lucky pup," as Jenkins called it, found a place where those razor-sharp teeth couldn't munch it to bits. Notice how incredibly close the seal's tail is to the bite zone.

The outcome could have been grisly, but our precariously perched marine mammal survived ... by a nose!

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