Seal Hails David Bowie, Urges 'Young People' To Realize His Influence

"He was just extraordinary."

In a conversation with HuffPost Live earlier this week, Grammy-winning singer Seal had some beautiful words to say about the late David Bowie.

Seal, who plays the role of Pontius Pilate in the live two-hour musical event of "The Passion," airing Sunday on Fox, explained to host Alex Miranda how Bowie, who died earlier this year, was a "huge influence" on him. 

"I just loved his braveness, his artistic integrity. Just refusing to compromise and always pushing right until the very end, alway pushing," Seal said. "I mean, what a way to go out, you know? He was extraordinary. Like he basically ... scripted his own departure. He performed his death right to the very end. I was lucky enough to know him and work with him earlier on in my career."

But Seal doesn't think "young people today realize how much of modern pop culture, particularly in music and fashion, ... can be owed to David Bowie and what he was doing back then." He urged people to explore Bowie's past to understand the extent of his influence.

"If you look at anyone who in the last sort of 10 or 15, 20 years that's had an impact on popular music, you can almost certainly trace a lot of it, or some of it, ... back to David Bowie. In fashion too," he said.

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