Crybaby Seal Fusses Over Going Into The Water, But We Understand

Crybaby Seal Won't Stop Fussing

Come on baby, you can do it!

This fussy seal pup was recently weaned by its mother, and is on its own to learn how to swim and survive in the wild. The pup doesn't seem too ready though, and we understand -- that water looks way too dark and cold, even with all that blubber.

Despite the foreboding looking water, being under the ice is a much safer place because it provides protection from predators like orcas and leopard seals. Eventually this pup will be able to dive up to 2,000 feet down and stay under for up to 45 minutes.

This adorable moment was captured by Jesse DeVoe and a coworker, who were researching the population ecology of Weddell seals in the Antarctic.

To learn more about the team's long-term project, check out Weddell Seal Science.

(Via Reddit)

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