Seal Hunting Game Gets Denied By Apple, Designer Calls Foul (VIDEO)

Is virtual seal hunting offensive? According to Apple, it is. The company rejected an iPhone game designed by a Canadian software engineer, where the objective is to club seals, because it contains "objectionable content," Reuters reported.

The game's designer, Matt Smyth, is calling foul, pointing out that his game is no more violent than games that allow you to hunt other animals, not to mention games like Grand Theft Auto that involve human violence. Reuters notes that no blood is shed in his game, unlike some other games on the market.

Smyth concludes that the decision amounts to nothing more than a political move, given the controversy surrounding Canada's annual seal hunt.

What do you think? Are seals a more insensitive choice than say, bears? Or does this just highlight a larger, misguided attitude toward acceptable violence in video games?

WATCH Reuters' full report: