Large Seal Spotted Climbing On Car, Roaming Through Australian Town

Hey there, Toyota.

A giant Australian fur seal was spotted lounging on a car and roaming the streets of Newstead, Australia, on Monday, according to Tasmania police.

The seal, dubbed “Mr. Lou-Seal” by local authorities, seemed to have an affinity for a particular Toyota, judging by photos of the animal on Facebook.

"Mr. Lou-Seal" inspects a Toyota.
"Mr. Lou-Seal" inspects a Toyota.

“He’s taken a bit of a shining to a resident’s vehicle, which he lay on and had a bit of a sleep on for a while before he climbed up and over the roof, leaving considerable damage to that vehicle,” Sergeant Renee Stewart of the Tasmania Police told the Sydney Morning Herald.

Police later shared this “sealiously” helpful update:

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