Seamus Romney Commemorated By Seattle Channel's Nancy Guppy

Seattle TV host Nancy Guppy arrived on Thursday at a red carpet soiree, stuffed into a dog kennel attached to the roof of a car. The stunt commemorated Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney's poor treatment of the family dog during a family vacation three decades ago.

A caption beneath a picture of Guppy climbing out of the crate on the Seattle Times' website describes the scene in deadpan: "Seattle Channel's Nancy Guppy turned heads arriving to cover the red carpet in a pet kennel on top of a car."

In 1983, Romney stuffed the family's pet Irish setter Seamus into a crate strapped to the car's roof for a 12-hour drive from Massachusetts to Canada. The Romneys have maintained that Seamus loved traveling that way, even though the dog experienced a gastric emergency and a bout of diarrhea. Dog lovers have protested Romney's actions for what's become known as "CrateGate" ever since the Boston Globe first reported the incident in 2007.

The red carpet was out for the 38th edition of the Seattle International Film Festival. Here's a shot of Guppy's arrival:

Click here to see another angle from the Seattle Times.

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