Seamus Romney Voiced By Lewis Black In 'Dog On The Roof' Trailer (VIDEO)

Seamus Romney Finally Speaks: In The Voice Of Lewis Black

There's really only one person who could give voice to the inner monologue of a politician's dog speeding down the highway on the roof of a car, and that person is Lewis Black.

Thanks to the trailer for a new book, it's finally a reality.

Mitt Romney's now-deceased Irish Setter Seamus has played an unwitting role in the build-up to the 2012 election, thanks to a little anecdote about how the former governor used to strap Seamus' crate to the roof of the car for road trips. As the story goes, on one of those trips, Seamus expressed his discomfort in a fairly straightforward way.

The new book Dog on the Roof: On the Road With Mitt and the Mutt by NPR writers Bruce Kluger and David Slavin brings us inside the poetic, yet frustrated mind of Seamus, as he travels across the country with the Romney family. It's a lyrical, illustrated tale showing the vastly different perspectives that can be had of the same journey, provided one party is inside the car, and one is, say, on top of it.

Published in June by Touchstone, the authors have just released a trailer for the book, with Lewis Black providing the voice of Seamus as he tries every way possible to send a message to his owner: get me off of this damn roof.

Watch the video above and then let us know how you feel about the Seamus controversy.

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