Sean Astin Has The Best Response To Claims That Rudy Was Offsides

Mic drop.
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To paraphrase Fortune from 1993's "Rudy": In this lifetime, Sean Astin doesn't have to prove nothing to nobody. Well, except for maybe one tiny thing ...

The actor's storied career includes roles in "Lord of the Rings" and "The Goonies," and his latest movie coming to DVD, "The Surface," has made him reflect on all that. Astin told The Huffington Post that while shooting the movie about a character dealing with despair, he's often thought of his "Lord of the Rings" line that there is good in the world, and "it's worth fighting for." Yeah, Astin has had a lot of success, but through it all, one question still remains:

Was Rudy offsides?

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For years, people have claimed that before Rudy's famous sack on the opposing quarterback, he committed a penalty at the line of scrimmage, moving when he should've been set. Astin confirmed to HuffPost he was aware of the controversy with "Rudy," saying, "Yeah, there’s great T-shirts they sell," and then gave perhaps the single greatest response to the question ever:

"All I have to say is, they didn't call it."

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Game over, haters.

Astin admitted he cries just like all of us when he watches the film. "When that music is playing, and these ideas are happening, Jon Favreau says, 'Who’s the wild man now?' and this little guy who dreamed of something finally gets his dream, that would be pretty cynical not to be moved by that," the actor said.

So was Astin so moved by everything that he jumped offsides? Some people may still debate it, but it'll be pretty hard to hear them, since Rudy himself has officially dropped the mic.

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"The Surface" is now available through On Demand and DVD.

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