Guy Wears Colander In Driver's License Photo To Spread Religious Freedom

He's a Pastafarian in the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

It looks better draining pasta.

A Chandler, Arizona, man now has an official driver’s license featuring a photo of him wearing a colander, the Arizona Republic reported Thursday.

Sean Corbett actually succeeded after years of trying to be photographed with the spaghetti strainer hat and being rejected at the motor vehicles department. One location finally allowed it, and the license arrived in the mail on Tuesday.

“The whole process is intimidating, especially when people are yelling at you and scorning you for making a mockery out of their system,” Corbett, a Lyft and Uber driver, told ABC 15.

Corbett told the Republic that his quest was all in the name of religious freedom. As a Pastafarian in the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, Corbett said he wanted to ease the way for people of other religions to don the headwear of their choice, such as a hijab or a turban, without opposition.

“It’s nothing anybody should have to experience,” Corbett told the Republic. “They shouldn’t be bullied because their beliefs are different from other people.”

He added that “some may view the religion as a satirical version of standard religion.”

Corbett’s crusade may be cut short, however. CNN reports that the state is going to revoke the license.

Keep the faith, brother.

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