Sean Hannity Calls Abortion A 'Distraction Issue'

The Fox News host claimed Democrats are using their outrage to make the country forget about gas prices.

Sean Hannity on Wednesday called abortion a “distraction issue” used by Democrats to steer attention away from the economy before this year’s elections. (Listen to the audio below.)

“What they will do is lie,” the Fox News host said on his radio show. “And they will use all the inflammatory, destructive rhetoric about abortion that they can, you know, muster up. And they think this is their only lifeline to cling to. It’s not gonna work.”

The fight for reproductive rights reignited this week with the leak of a Supreme Court draft suggesting that the court is poised to strike down the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision that guaranteed the right to an abortion.

If the repeal were finalized, states would get the authority to decide abortion’s legality and half of them would “likely” ban abortion, The Associated Press reported. Minority women, many of whom are “trying to make ends meet,” would feel a profound impact, according to a Texas group that helps women pay for the procedure.

But Hannity hinted that women’s rights didn’t rate compared to gas prices.

“You got to understand what’s going on here. And this is important. The game plan is clear,” Hannity said. “They have nothing that they can run on, not a single issue. Where they get the border safer. Gas prices are lower. No, they’re record highs. The economy’s doing great. No, 40-year high of inflation, interest rates now soaring.”

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