Sean Hannity Rants At 'Absolute Disgrace' Of An Election Turning Against Trump

The Fox News host got on his right-wing soapbox as the president and his followers attacked valid results that appeared to favor Joe Biden.

While President Donald Trump filed lawsuits, cried fraud and baselessly claimed that mail-in votes ― especially for Joe Biden ― were cast after the polls closed, Sean Hannity defended the election process.

Just kidding!

The Fox News host actually did on Wednesday what he often does on his show ― acting as a campaign minister for the incumbent, who’s locked in a nail-biter as votes continue to be counted in battleground states. (See the video below.)

“And tonight what we’re really witnessing, we’re going to be honest, and take a good hard look at what’s happening is an absolute disgrace that’s unfolding right before our eyes,” Hannity fumed.

Hannity claimed the election was the culmination of a four-year “all out assault against a duly elected president” and cited disinformation and conspiracy theories being spread by Trump and his other allies. The prime time personality also seemed to reference false internet chatter about 100,000 votes that Biden picked up in Wisconsin through corruption.

Watch him carry on here:

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