Hannity Accidentally Exposes The 'Despicable' Truth About Trump’s Favorite Rally Cry

Fox News host warns we could be heading toward a "banana republic."

Fox News host Sean Hannity just attacked President Donald Trump’s favorite rally chant without even realizing it.

Trump rallies often feature “Lock her up!” chants, even to this day, referring to his onetime Democratic rival Hillary Clinton

Hannity on Thursday called that “beyond despicable behavior” and said it’s what happens in “banana republics.” 

Except he wasn’t referring to the chants at Trump rallies. 

He was responding to a report in Politico that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) told fellow Democratic leaders that she didn’t want to see Trump impeached, she’d rather see him “in prison.”

In a clip posted online by Media Matters, Hannity said: 

“Based on no actual crimes, she wants a political opponent locked up in prison? That happens in banana republics ― beyond despicable behavior. And, by the way, they would literally turn, in many ways, the USA into a country we no longer recognize.”

The “Lock her up!” chants began at Trump’s 2016 campaign events.

Trump would often encourage them and at times repeat them. 

Lock her up is right,” he declared at one event.  

At a presidential debate, when Clinton said it was a good thing Trump wasn’t in charge of the nation’s laws, he shot back: “Because you’d be in jail.”

Now Hannity would appear to believe that’s “banana republic” behavior: 



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