Sean Hannity Attempts To Mock Obama By Singing To Him

The Fox News host complained that the former president talked about himself too much.

Sean Hannity tried to deliver a message last night to former President Barack Obama ― and he did it via song.

Last week, Obama slammed President Donald Trump and his policies and urged voters to elect Democrats in November. He also reminded voters that the economic recovery that Trump so often boasts about began under his watch.

That was too much for Hannity to bear.

“Former President Obama thinks he was extremely successful,” the Fox News host said. “In fact, he was so proud of himself that during his recent hourlong speech he talked a lot, about himself, 102 times in one hour.”

Then, Hannity attempted to sing a few bars of Toby Keith’s “I Wanna Talk About Me.”

See part of his segment in the clip above, posted online by Media Matters.

Hannity is an unabashed supporter of Trump, who has claimed that he is “non-braggadocious.” However, Trump routinely talks about himself ― often in the third person ― and boasts about everything from popularity to crowd size, often inaccurately.

Earlier this year, Trump repeatedly applauded himself during the State of the Union.

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