Sean Hannity Asks Bill O'Reilly To Return To Fox News: 'Take The Crap'

O'Reilly left the conservative network in 2017 amid a sexual harassment scandal.

Fox NewsSean Hannity joked on Monday about Bill O’Reilly returning to the conservative network he left in 2017 amid a sexual harassment scandal.

During the handover to fellow primetime host Laura Ingraham, Hannity thanked viewers for making his show the most watched in cable news. He also discussed a recent conversation he had with O’Reilly on the radio.

“I said, ‘Why don’t you come back to cable? I’ll let you be number one again because then I’ll take a lot less crap,’” Hannity told Ingraham.

Hannity then suggested O’Reilly, the former host of “The O’Reilly Factor,” could return to “take the crap” because “there’s a lot that comes with” being number one.

O’Reilly reportedly spent $45 million settling sexual harassment allegations, including a $32 million payout to one analyst at the network. Since then, he has hosted the podcast “No Spin News” and created daily radio commentaries called “The O’Reilly Update.”

Check out the clip here: