Sean Hannity Attacks Brian Williams: 'Rest Of The Country Appears To Be Disappointed In You' (VIDEO)

Sean Hannity laid into Brian Williams' on his Fox News program Tuesday night for revealing during an interview that he has "profound disappointments in [his] country."

Williams appeared on Alec Baldwin's podcast "Here's The Thing." Baldwin asked if Williams possessed any political opinions, to which Williams responded, "I sometimes don't know." Williams went on to say that he is patriotic and loves America, but has "profound disappointments in [his] country. I feel we ought to be in space ... it meant so much to us ... it moved us along."

Hannity did not seem pleased with Williams' comments. After replaying the audio clip of Baldwin's interview with the NBC News anchor, Hannity responded. "Oh let me see," he said speaking of NBC News and MSNBC. "This is the state-run media of David Axelrod, Robert Gibbs the propagandist, then we have Ed Schultz—let's rip Dick Cheney's heart out, stomp on it and put it back in him—and let's not forget 'Thrill Up Our Leg Chris Matthews.'"

Hannity then said that a new Rasmussen poll found that only 6 percent of respondents said news reports are "very" trustworthy. Hannity continued:

Well guess what Mr. Williams, the rest of the country seems to be disappointed with you ... and you want to know what we find the most disappointing? The fact that you, your liberal mainstream media cohorts, the people who work on your network burying stories about how the administration for example bullies the press!

Polls reveal that the public's trust in the news media is at a devastating low. However, according to a new study from Public Policy Polling, Fox News is both the most and least trusted name in news. Thirty-four percent of respondents said they trust Fox News the most, while 39 percent said they trust it the least. In fact, the pollsters wrote that this year's survey revealed that Fox News' credibility hit a "record low."



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