Sean Hannity Appears To Bash CNN, NBC While Sharing NBC Story

What are you doing, Sean?

Fox News host Sean Hannity appeared to criticize CNN and NBC News on Twitter on Thursday, calling them “fake news” and “conspiracy TV,” but then included an article published by NBC News.

Hannity added: “read and learn.”

If it seems strange to you that Hannity would diss NBC News and then share the outlet’s work, you’re not alone.

Many on Twitter couldn’t help but notice the irony:

The story Hannity shared was reported Thursday and pertained to Attorney General Jeff Sessions mobilizing Justice Department prosecutors to talk to FBI agents about the evidence in a past criminal investigation that found no wrongdoing by Hillary Clinton in the controversial Uranium One deal. Critics have suggested Clinton influenced the deal in exchange for donations to her family foundation, but in addition to the FBI, outlets like Snopes and have looked into the matter and found no evidence to support such claims.

Minutes after his first tweet, Hannity tweeted a screenshot from MSNBC that featured an article about Russian bribery and the uranium deal published in October by The Hill.

Hannity, among other Republicans, has been attempting to “reveal” Clinton controversy around the uranium deal for months now to support their theory that Democrats colluded the Russians. This second tweet appears to be his effort to “prove” that he’s been “correct” all along.

Some people reading Hannity’s tweets have also noted that he may have been bashing just CNN and actually lauding NBC News. He may want to be more clear about that next time.

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