Fox News’ Sean Hannity Doubles Down With Warning To 'My Conservative Friends' Mad At Donald Trump

"Has he not shown he is a tenacious fighter when it comes to keeping his promises?"

Fox NewsSean Hannity doubled down on his claim that Donald Trump is still in control of negotiations over his proposed U.S.-Mexico border wall with a warning to fellow conservatives who are “mad at” the president.

The “Hannity” host on Friday insisted Trump still “holds all the cards,” despite the president earlier in the day agreeing to reopen the government after not securing money from Congress for his much-hyped southern border barrier.

Hannity remained undeterred Monday as he posed some questions to “my conservative friends that are mad at the president for allowing Congress three weeks to do their job, make a deal on immigration and open the government in the interim.”

Trump has faced a backlash from right-wing figures, including controversial commentator Ann Coulter and Fox Business host Lou Dobbs, over the issue.

“Do you believe for one second, do you really believe the president has stopped his full-on fight over the border wall that he has promised?” Hannity asked. “Has he not shown he is a tenacious fighter when it comes to keeping his promises?”

“Don’t let what is what I believe to be a shift in strategy fool you. Because I don’t have any doubt at all that the president is going to fight as hard if not harder for the money for the wall,” added Hannity, who last week suggested Trump would declare a national emergency to obtain the money if necessary.