Sean Hannity Says Cops Are Nice To Him, So What's Your Problem?

Sean Hannity Wonders Why Everyone's All Mad At Police

Sean Hannity is apparently confused about why people have so many problems with the police. After all, he told his radio listeners on Wednesday, all of his run-ins with the law have been very pleasant, even when he's been carrying a weapon, so he didn't see why people were feeling negative about cops, even in the wake of the killing of Michael Brown.

As he put it:

"When a cop pulls me over, I put my hands outside of the car. If I’m carrying a weapon, which I’m licensed to carry in New York, the first thing I tell the police officer is, 'Officer, I want you to know I have a legal firearm in the car.' First thing I say to the officer! He’ll ask, 'where is it?' And I’ll say, 'It’s in my holster.' And he says, ‘Alright, just keep your hands outside.’ That’s usually the protocol. And then, ‘Can I have your license and registration, please, move slowly.' And I often would even step out of the car, lift my shirt up so he can see where the gun is. And you handle it. ‘Yes, sir,’ 'no, sir,’ writes me a ticket, 'thank you, sir,’ and that’s it. You battle the issue in court!"

So there you have it, folks. If rich, white, gun-toting radio host Sean Hannity is doing fine, what's everyone else's issue?

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