Sean Hannity, Cornel West Spar Over Herman Cain, Obama (VIDEO)

Sean Hannity and Prof. Cornel West had a lively discussion about Herman Cain and President Obama on Hannity's Wednesday show. While the chat wasn't as explosive as West's epic conversation with Bill O'Reilly, things got pretty heated at times.

Hannity began by asking West whether he thought Obama deserves a second term. West said that he did, but that he wished Obama was "even more intense in terms of his commitment to poor and working people."

Hannity blanched at this. "Hang on a second!" he said. "He's already given us $5 trillion in debt ... and that's not enough for you? You want more money."

"No, no, not at all," West said. "My problem is that in America, oligarchs rule and rotating politicians reign!" He accused Hannity of spreading the "falsehood" that Obama is a socialist. "He's a neoliberal tied to the oligarchs!" he cried.

Hannity moved on, interrogating West about his comment some months ago that Herman Cain should "get off the symbolic crack pipe" for saying that racism is not holding black people back in America.

"I think you owe Herman Cain an apology," Hannity told West. "Why can't somebody be African American and conservative?"

West said that he simply meant that Cain was "living in Never Never Land" because he was downplaying race when it came to "the prison industrial complex," immigration policy and other issues.

Hannity said that racism was "repugnant," but that he bet West found the attacks on Cain to be "repugnant." West said that he was simply disagreeing with Cain's views.