Sean Hannity: Democrats' 'Psychotic' Trump Probe Is 'Biggest McCarthyism'

The Fox News host revved up his rhetoric after House Democrats requested lots of documents to further investigate Trump.

House Democrats’ request for documents Monday in their broad investigation of President Donald Trump set off Fox News host Sean Hannity.

Hannity, a vigorous Trump defender, lashed out at what he called “the biggest, most gruesome display of modern-day McCarthyism.”

“The hate-Trump agenda is now hitting literally psychotic levels of derangement,” he said on “Hannity” in a clip shared by Media Matters. “Look, their job was to be a public servant. But they have now made it their full-time stated mission and purpose to try and batter, bloody, bludgeon this president at all costs. To either impeach or try to make President Trump unelectable in 2020. The issue of serving you, we the people, doesn’t factor into a single part of their agenda, as to what they’re publicly announcing.”

Democrats on the House Judiciary Committee on Monday asked dozens of agencies and individuals, including Eric Trump and Donald Trump Jr., for documents as part of a wide probe into possible obstruction of justice and corruption by the president. That adds to ongoing investigations by special counsel Robert Mueller and federal prosecutors.

For Hannity, it was at least one investigation too many.

“We the people will now be subject to what will be the biggest, most gruesome display of modern-day McCarthyism, which is just the widest fishing expedition, all in an effort to destroy the president and anybody who supports him,” the host said. “Because the bottom line is all they care about is getting their power back so they can institute socialism right here in this country.”

Watch Hannity’s rant above.