Sean Hannity Quotes Churchill In Praise Of Coronavirus-Stricken Donald Trump

The Fox News host likened Trump's illness to Churchill in World War II in his latest fawning monologue.

Sean Hannity once again went to bat for Donald Trump on his widely watched Fox News show Monday night, dubiously comparing the president’s leadership during the coronavirus pandemic to that of Britain’s Winston Churchill during World War II.

Hannity, an ardent defender of the president, broadcast an excerpt from one of Churchill’s wartime speeches in which the late prime minister said he had “nothing to offer but blood, toil, tears and sweat” in the pursuit of victory against Nazi Germany.

The Fox personality then attempted to liken Churchill’s actions during the war — including going out “risking his life, being among the people of Great Britain” — to those of Trump, who tested positive for the coronavirus last week after months of downplaying the contagion and ignoring public health guidelines.

“In times of great hardship you must fight for survival,” said Hannity, adding: “And that is exactly what the president has done during this country’s battle against COVID-19.”

Trump drew backlash Monday night after he returned to the White House following three days of hospitalization for COVID-19 and immediately removed his face mask for the cameras.

The president himself last month likened his public downplaying of the pandemic to Churchill’s messaging during the war.

Check out the video here:

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