Sean Hannity Is Against #FireColbert, But Says He's A 'Horrible Human Being'

Fox News host refuses to join calls to #FireColbert.

Sean Hannity thinks Stephen Colbert is a “horrible human being,” but he’s not joining in the calls to have the CBS “Late Show” host fired. 

Colbert earlier this week unleashed a rant against President Donald Trump that included a full minute of rapid-fire insults, including one that some have deemed to be homophobic.

That led to the rise of a #FireColbert hashtag on Twitter, although it seems many of those behind it aren’t concerned about being sensitive to the LGBTQ community so much as angry at Colbert’s regular shots at Trump. 

Whatever its origin, Hannity made it clear he’s not participating. 

The Fox News host wrote on Twitter: 

Hannity has made similar comments in the past, most recently last month when he got into a Twitter spat with Fox Sports 1 host Katie Nolan. She called Hannity “literally a fucking moron” and said “you knowingly deceive people for your own benefit and that makes me angry.”

Some of Hannity’s fans urged him to go to Nolan’s bosses ― or human resources ― to have her fired. 

He said: