Sean Hannity On George Zimmerman Charges: 'Might Be Some Overcharging Here' (VIDEO)

Sean Hannity said on his Wednesday show that George Zimmerman may have been "overcharged" in the shooting of Trayvon Martin.

Zimmerman was charged with second-degree murder on Wednesday in the killing of the unarmed teenager. He was then taken to jail as he awaits a trial.

Hannity has emerged as one of Zimmerman's chief media allies. He even spoke to Zimmerman off the record and has refused to divulge the contents of their conversation. Some Florida legal experts have told Think Progress that Hannity could be compelled to testify in the case.

Hannity spoke to a prosecutor and a criminal defense attorney, as well as a reporter from the Orlando area.

"Your heart goes out to the mother in this case," he said. "...A lot of attorneys I've spoken to say they overcharged."

All three guests cautioned that the prosecutor, Angela Corey, could have facts at her disposal that he did not. Hannity said that he was "not rushing to judgment on this program, like other networks have." He added that he thought the "definitive interview" in the case had been one in which a witness said they saw Martin beating Zimmerman.

One of the guests said that Corey would have to prove that Zimmerman was the sole aggressor in the case.

"On the surface ... it seems like there might be some overcharging here," he said.



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