Sean Hannity Spoke To George Zimmerman Off The Record, Former Lawyers Say

Trayvon Martin shooter George Zimmerman spoke to Fox News' Sean Hannity off the record, his now-former attorneys alleged in a remarkable press conference on Tuesday. (Watch video of the statement above; Hannity comments begin at 3:12.)

Zimmerman has made no public appearances and given no interviews, and has lost so much contact with his lawyers that they gathered the media in Florida on Sunday to announce that they were dropping him as a client.

During that press conference, they revealed that Zimmerman had had a conversation with Hannity.

"We learned that he had contacted Sean Hannity of Fox News directly, not through us, and we believe, I can't confirm this, we believe that he spoke directly with Sean, off the record, and he's not even willing to tell us what our client told him," attorney Hal Uhrig said.

In an even stranger twist, the site Loop21 published on Tuesday what it said was an email correspondence with Zimmerman. In response to an email asking him to prove he was actually George Zimmerman, the man replied, "Certainly, You can contact Sean Hannity I spoke with him today and he confirmed my identity."



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