Sean Hannity, Geraldo Rivera Cross A Line In Yelling Border Fight

"Stop it! Just stop it!" Hannity shouts.

Sean Hannity and Geraldo Rivera went at it over the fear-mongering about immigrants at the border. “How many people have to die?” Hannity out-shouted Rivera after he accused the Fox host of exploiting tragedies to score political points.

“Stop it! Just stop it!” Hannity yelled again.

The segment began, predictably, with Hannity attacking Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) and “delusional Democrats” for their refusal to back President Donald Trump’s border wall. Hannity addressed the issue of crime victims of undocumented immigrants.

He also spoke to the parents of 22-year-old Pierce Kennedy Corcoran, who was killed in a car crash with an undocumented immigrant. Hannity said the Democrats were going to have to answer to families “victimized” by undocumented immigrants.

“I ache for them, I’m so sorry,” Rivera said of the parents at one point. But he was soon shouting at Hannity, “It is grotesquely unfair to use these anecdotes to make a political argument!”

He also told guest Dan Bongino: “You know as well as I know these people commit fewer crimes than citizens commit. Why don’t you tell the story of the hard-working people? You tell a slanted story to make an emotional impact.”

Bongino’s repeated rejoinder was, “They 100 percent don’t belong here.”

Statistics show no link between increasing crime and increasing immigration. In fact, as immigration has increased, crime has decreased, including in areas heavily populated with immigrants, according to a Marshall Project study.

Check out the fireworks in the clip above.