Shocking Fox News Moment Sees Guardian Angels Give Man ‘Pain Compliance’ On Live TV

“His mother back in Venezuela felt the vibrations,” the group’s founder Curtis Sliwa boasted to Sean Hannity, adding the man is now “sucking concrete.”

Fox News host Sean Hannity’s interview with former GOP New York City mayoral candidate Curtis Sliwa took a shocking turn when members of Sliwa’s Guardian Angels group gave — live on air — what Sliwa described as “a little pain compliance” to a person he said was a migrant and who he claimed had been caught shoplifting.

“His mother back in Venezuela felt the vibrations,” Sliwa bragged to Hannity. “He is sucking concrete. The cops scraped him off the asphalt. He’s on his way to jail.”

The televised moment shocked users of X, formerly Twitter.

Sliwa was talking to Hannity from Times Square in New York City.

Sliwa condemned New York Mayor Eric Adams (D), who beat him in the 2021 mayoral race over his prepaid card food program for migrant families when Sliwa’s associates, who had been standing with him, rushed off camera.

“Well, in fact, our guys have just taken down one of the migrant guys right here on the corner of 42nd and 7th while all this has taken place. They’ve taken over,” Sliwa told Hannity.

The camera turned to film the members of the Guardian Angels bringing the unidentified person to the ground. Hannity eventually cut away from the scene but later returned to Sliwa to find out what had gone down.

“Well, he had been shoplifting first,” Sliwa claimed. “The Guardian Angels spotted him, stopped him, he resisted, and let’s just say we gave him a little pain compliance. His mother, back in Venezuela, felt the vibrations. He is sucking concrete. The cops scraped him off the asphalt. He’s on his way to jail.”

Sliwa added, “But they’ll cut him loose. We’ve got to take 42nd Street back, Sean. These illegals think they own this street. They think they rule the night. This is our country. If they can’t abide by the rules, then we’re going to kick them back from where they came.”

Sliwa promised that people who commit crimes “don’t belong in our country” and that his group, which he founded in the 1970s and now reportedly has chapters in 13 countries, would “make sure you pay a price for that.” “We’ve got to fight for what we know is right. You saw a little bit of this,” he added.

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