Sean Hannity Uses Suspicious Packages Sent To Dems To Call Them Hypocritical

The Fox News host sarcastically said Hillary Clinton was "singing a different tune" about civility after she was the intended recipient of a potential explosive device.

Sean Hannity used the mailing of suspicious packages and potential explosive devices to prominent Democrats on Wednesday to criticize Hillary Clinton ― one of the intended recipients.

The Fox News host showed a clip of the former secretary of state and presidential candidate saying earlier this month that “civility can start again” if Democrats win back the House or Senate.

“OK, now she’s singing a different tune after actual criminal acts against Democrats,” Hannity said in a sarcastic tone. “Oh, it’s only if it happens against Democrats. I’m beginning to catch on here. Now she’s calling on us to all come together.”

Hannity, who emphatically condemned the mail attacks, kept up the facetious tone as he showed a snippet of Clinton saying after the bomb scare that “we have to do everything we can to bring our country together.”

“Really?” the conservative commentator asked. “You said we couldn’t be civil. Oh, that was last week. Oh, I understand how that works.”

Hannity then turned his remarks about Democrats’ so-called “double standard” to Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.), another intended recipient of one of the suspicious packages.

Watch footage of the comments above or a longer clip of Hannity’s show below.