Sean Hannity Piles On The Pettiness In Feud With Jake Tapper

The Fox News host replied to the CNN host's criticism, as promised.

Fox News host Sean Hannity on Monday called CNN nemesis Jake Tapper “a liberal talk show host pretending to be a journalist” in their escalating feud. But Hannity aimed his sharpest barb at Tapper’s ratings in a silly diss that will likely amp up the tension. (Watch the video below.)

“I was supposed to have a message for Fake Jake Tapper,” Hannity said. “But after my team did a little investigating, this guy barely, like, gets over 500,000 viewers a day or night or whenever he’s on. I’d say if you want me to respond, Fake Jake, you need at least a million, million and a half viewers before you get my attention. I addressed it earlier today. Jake, you’re a liberal talk show host pretending to be a journalist. That’s why the name Fake Jake is perfect for you. Choose your lane, Jake.”

Last week, Tapper criticized Hannity for changing his tune on President Joe Biden’s mental acuity to fit the moment. The Fox News personality dwells on the president’s alleged cognitive decline, calling him “Sleepy Joe,” Tapper pointed out. But when Biden gave his energetic State of the Union speech, Hannity commented that “Jacked-Up Joe” sounded “like a hyper-caffeinated, angry old man.”

Tapper said Hannity, whom he called an “unofficial Trump adviser,” and other conservatives “need to pick a lane” in their attacks on the incumbent.

On Friday, Hannity promised on X to clap back: “Fake Jake are you really that dumb? OK. Let’s play, game on. Tune in to radio and TV Monday. I’ll gladly educate you. If you still have a job Monday.”

Hannity’s mockery of Tapper’s audience size might just inspire a counter-punch.

Stay tuned.

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