Sean Hannity Demands Former Fox Colleague John Bolton Explain Himself On His Show

In a lengthy rant, the Fox News host warned Trump's former national adviser to "stop playing games."

Fox News’ Sean Hannity on Tuesday night warned John Bolton to “stop playing games” as he demanded the former national security adviser appear on his widely watched show.

The “Hannity” host lashed out at what he described as the “total BS” in his former Fox colleague’s leaked unpublished book “The Room Where It Happened,” calling it “the latest manufactured crisis.”

Bolton, who was a paid Fox News contributor for 11 years until 2018, reportedly writes in his forthcoming book that President Donald Trump did link the release of congressionally approved aid to Ukraine to the country’s announcement of an investigation into Joe Biden.

Hannity, a staunch supporter of Trump who has vowed to campaign on behalf of the president during the 2020 election, claimed he isn’t “recognizing the guy that I thought I knew” who wanted the position in the Trump administration “so badly.”

“I say to you tonight, you have something to say, John,” Hannity said. “Come here. You worked here. This is your old home. Come on the show and have your say on this show.”

Hannity’s message came as Senate Republicans mulled over allowing witnesses, including Bolton, to testify in Trump’s impeachment trial over his Ukraine misconduct.

“John Bolton, come on the show,” Hannity later added. “Your country wants to hear from you. I’d like to hear from you. You have a story to tell the country, John. Stop playing games. This is not a game when it’s the presidency of the United States.”

Check out the clip here: