Sean Hannity Launches Smear Campaign On Khizr Khan

A "special #Hannity investigation" indeed.

Fox NewsSean Hannity renewed his attack on Khizr Khan on Monday night, this time for statements the father of a slain American soldier has made about Sharia law and terrorism.

The cable news host promised viewers would see a “special #Hannity investigation” into the background of the Pakistani-American lawyer who criticized Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump at the Democratic National Convention.

Last week, Hannity hinted he’d drop a bombshell about Khan.

“There’s a lot of controversial findings that I’ve dug up about Mr. Khan,” he said.

But the short segment consisted largely of a compilation of Khan’s recent interviews and a snippet from a decades-old article he wrote.

Hannity, an outspoken Trump supporter, highlighted alleged discrepancies in Khan’s views about Sharia law. In a CNN interview after the Democratic National Convention, Khan, who is Muslim, said “there’s no such thing as Sharia law.” In contrast, Khan wrote an article in 1983 in the Houston Journal of International Law that explained how "Islamic jurists classify the sources of Islamic law,” and that explanation included references to Sharia.

The Gold Star parent of fallen Army Capt. Humayun Khan also drew Hannity’s ire for saying on CNN that terrorists “have nothing to do with Islam.”

“Do you think he was purposely hiding his real views now because he was so advanced in this political narrative?” Hannity asked his guests.

The segment aired as Trump has tried moving away from his feud with Khan and his wife Ghazala Khan. Polls showed that voters disapproved of Trump’s comments about the couple.