Laura Ingraham Trolls Sean Hannity On Live TV: ‘Is That The White House Speaking, Or You?’

The Fox News hosts had a passive-aggressive exchange over Trump coverage.

Fox News hosts Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham were smiling as they spoke, but their words told another story.

During Tuesday night’s handoff between shows, Hannity complained to Ingraham that she cut away from President Donald Trump’s speech in New Mexico too early on Monday.

“I wanted to see the ending,” he griped. “You cut to your debate early and it was just at the end.”

Perhaps in an attempt at some damage control, he quickly added: “Sorry. I love watching your show, too.”

Ingraham wasn’t buying it.

“Is that the White House speaking or is that you? I couldn’t tell,” she fired back, then added: “I’m just teasing you.”

But that didn’t end it.

Hannity compared Trump’s speech to “a great work of Bach or Mozart” and said Ingraham had cut the crescendo.

“You know what we used to say in the courtroom? I will take that under advisement,” she replied. “But I got an idea: You handle your hour, I’ll handle my hour.”

Hannity appealed for her not to take it personally:

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